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FUE & FUT Hair Transplant Pakistan | Cosmolux Hair & Skin Clinic

Hair Transplant

Important clinical test

Before Hair transplant ,any patient who is willing for surgery,needs to do six blood test:PT(for blood disordering) APTT(for cloting factor)BSL(for diabetes) HBSAG(for Hypatytus B),HCV(for Hypatytus C) and HIV( for AIDS) from any renowned accounts almost 3000 to 4000 rupees.on clearance of these tests,your hair transplant will proceed.These tests are mandatory to avoid any kind of side effect.


On the day of surgery,patient is given a local anesthesia that makes the process completely painless.The process of surgery normally take 6 to 8 hours.strong roots are extracted from the backside of head( donor area) and are implanted on the front and crown area of head by using an advanced techniques FUE


Once the process of hair transplant is completed,patient is advised to come on the 3rd day for bandage removal.Similarly, on the 15th day of surgery,patient will have to visit clinic for crust (kharind) removal.After one month of surgery, the transplanted hair start to fall almost 70 to 80%.patients not need to worry in this period as it is normal and mandatory for efficient results.However,after 3 to 4 months,the lost hair start regrowing and never fall again.

Precautions and medication

After surgery,patient should take utmost care of transplanted area.he should avoid taking bath,touching hands and bending his head for a week.He also need to purchase medicine of 1500 to 2000 rupees for a week only.


Normally a patient can expect a clear difference after 5 months,however, complete result takes 10 to 12 months.These hair are long lasting and patient can shave his head and adopt any kind of style.These are your own hair that uplift your personality.

Your visits after hair Transplant surgery
👉🏼1st visit for surgery and 1st prp session done at same day
👉🏼2nd visit for bandage remove on 3rd day of Transplant
👉🏼3rd visit for crust remove after 13th days of Transplant
👉🏼 4th visit for 2nd prp sessions after 45 days of Transplant.
👉🏼 5th visit for 3rd prp session after 45 days of 2nd prp session.
👉🏼 6th visit after completing 6 months.
👉🏼 7th visit after completing 9 months.
👉🏼8th visit after completing 11 months.

All visits are complementary

All disposable items are used, and complete SOPs are followed. We use imported equipment so that there is no damage to the patient's skin. We do team-work. According to our services, we are charging a very reasonable price. You will need to make an appointment to see the doctor. Hair Transplant consultation is free.